Casa CeGa

Integrated at the boundary of the residential area and the beginning of the mountain, this project is characterized by an intervention in a building under construction. This unusual process was subject to legal imposition consisting on frameless side facades, which was the challenge for the new formal and functional composition. Starting from a built structure, the concept for this family house was the organization and resizing of spaces, replacing a confusion of elements with a clear spatial experience and a visual clarity. A sequence of large balconies was added to create an outer space relation on every level. The building is horizontally surrounded in the sidewalls by balconies or volumes ranging from mass forms to thin slabs. In opposition, the glass facades promote a mixed visual experience, the mountain and the sea. For the north side and behind the glass wall, the stairs are related with the street and mountain landscape. The south compartments are related with the garden and the views to the sea line.

17.05.2012 Casa CeGa HOUSING